Ohio State Pandora Charms

Ohio State Buckeyes Pandora Charms


O. H. …..I. O.  Ohio State Pandora Charms.   You know the drill. If you are here, you probably answer that call when ever someone starts it. So if you have, or plan on having a Pandora bracelet, you must have your Ohio State Buckeyes Pandora Charm on it. At least one. Nothing stands out like that big O. Sport the scarlet and gray where ever you go. The Buckeyes are the Big 10’s enforcers. We are not scared of the SEC or anybody else for that matter. Brutus is in the House!!!!
Big Ten football or NCAA final four basketball, Buck fans are everywhere and if you have a fan in your life then you are going to love this entire collection.

Ohio State Pandora Bracelet Charms

Ohio State Pandora Bracelet Beads

If you have a color scheme on your bracelet, as so many do, you can support your Buckeyes with this sterling silver Ohio State Pandora charm. O one one side and “Buckeyes” on the back—->
If you are getting this as a gift, this is the best choice. No matter what color their bracelet is, this one fits. The silver with a touch of black can blend in in any Pandora bracelet. Your Buckeye fan will love this.

Ohio State Buckeyes College Charm

OSU Pandora Charms

OSU Pandora Beads

Scarlet is the color. Buckeye fans own more scarlet colored clothing than all other colors combined. We are Ohio State, THE Ohio State.
This is the best of all the beads on here. The bright vibrant colors are clear on what team you represent. If you are making a full blown Buckeye bracelet you have to start with this one.

Ohio State Buckeyes Bead

Buckeyes Pandora bracelet Charms

Buckeyes Pandora Bracelet Beads

This Ohio State Buckeye Pandora bracelet charm is perfect for you bracelet. “Ohio State” makes it really clear who you stand for. No gold or blue on your bracelet. Is Michigan actually in Canada now?

OHIO STATE Arch Sterling Silver Bead

Buckeyes Pandora Charms

Buckeyes Pandora Beads

Gray O with a Scarlet background, sterling silver and representing the best college football program out there.

OHIO STATE O on Red Sterling Silver Bead

Ohio State Buckeye logo charm

Ohio State Buckeye logo bead

Go with the Scarlet O and the Gray background Ohio State Buckeye logo charm

OHIO STATE O Sterling Silver Bead

OSU Buckeyes Pandora Bracelet Bead

OSU Buckeyes Pandora Bracelet Charm

Home or Away, we still support our Ohio State Buckeyes. Scarlet O with a Black background. This one just looks mean.

OHIO STATE O Black Sterling Silver charm