Notre Dame Fighting Irish Pandora Charms

Notre Dame Fighting Irish Pandora Charms

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Whether you are at the local sports bar watching the Irish or walking into Notre Dame Stadium to see them live, you need to represent your love of the Irish with these Notre Dame Pandora Charms. Show your schools spirit with a charm on your Pandora bracelet that says I am Fighting Irish! The Blue and Gold have been a legacy in the NCAA football world from the beginning. Irish fans are the most die hard fans out there. There is not a better way way to show that than with University of Notre Dame Pandora beads on your Pandora Bracelet. So whether it is the Notre Dame Leprechaun image on a Sterling silver bead or the clover that screams Irish, let everyone know what school you support.
Rudy, Rudy Rudy. Fighting Irish fans are the biggest out there and have been for a million years. Tell you favorite fan that you appreciate them with one of these.

Notre Dame Fighting Irish Pandora Charms

Notre Dame Fighting Irish Pandora Beads

Here you go, Notre Dame Fighting Irish Pandora Charms with the Notre Dame logo on them. Blinging with your team pride. These Notre Dame Pandora Bracelet charms are the dangling style and have the logo right there for everyone to see.
This collection is every one that I could find brought together in one place. Making a whole bracelet from this collection would be the ultimate fan bracelet.

Notre Dame Button Charm

Notre Dame Gold Tone Charm

Notre Dame Pandora Beads

Notre Dame Pandora Charms

This hard to find Notre Dame Pandora bead has the Notre Dame Leprechaun right on it and a shamrock on the other side. A perfect addition to your Pandora bracelet.

The best of all the charms, this one has bright brilliant colors that scream I am a Notre Dame fan.
If you are buying this as a gift, this one impressive and will make statement. If you are a fan and you want your girl to support your team, this is a good way to do it. Jewelry is rarely passed up.

Notre Dame Fighting Irish SHAMROCK Charm

Irish Pandora Style Bracelet

Fighting Irish Pandora Style Bracelet

No Pandora bracelet, no problem. this ready made Pandora style bracelet is full or Irish pride. All the charms are removable so you can add your Notre Dame Fighting Irish Pandora charms right to it.

925 Silver Irish Style Lucky Clover Charm Bead Bracelet

University of Notre Dame Pandora Charms

University of Notre Dame Pandora Beads

Want to represent the Irish with style? This shamrock Pandora bracelet charm is as classy as it is loyal to the Irish.

Sterling Silver Two Tone Gold Plated Shamrock

Fighting Irish Pandora Charms

Fighting Irish Pandora Beads

A shamrock to show your Notre Dame spirit. This dangling Pandora style Notre Dame charm goes perfect with the Notre Dame logo Pandora charm. What a combination, Shamrock and the Notre Dame Leprechaun.

.925 Sterling Silver ” 4 Leaf Clover

Fighting Irish Sound OFF

We Don’t Need a Conference

Leave your comments here and take a look t this silver shamrock Pandora style charm for those that have a color scheme on their bracelet already but still want to represent the Irish.

Sterling Silver Four Clover Leaf Charm